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TMJ Care
TMJ Care

TMJ Pain?

Because symptoms of TMJ (problems with the jaw joint) and associated craniofacial pain syndrome can masquerade as so many other conditions, it is often difficult to diagnose. Jaw joint dysfunction and/or spasms in the associated facial musculature may generate headaches, ear pain, or facial pain.
Our goal is to diagnose and offer appropriate treatment that will help combat head, neck, and facial pain or joint dysfunction. Treatment focuses on alleviating TMJ-associated pain, improving jaw function and stabilizing the joint.

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Sleep Apnea?

Sleep is interwoven with every facet of our health and well-being, our moods and behaviors, energy and emotions, marriages, jobs, our very sanity and happiness. There are over 80 known sleep disorders that occur due to stress, health conditions, and other factors. Today, with dentistry's new knowledge and diagnostic skills, we can provide assistance for the snoring or sleep breathing disorder patient with a Dental Sleep Appliance. This device provides an alternative to CPAP or surgery for sleep apnea patients. We work together with sleep physicians and other health care professionals to provide effective "team management" for the patient.

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